Eric Holder – Not Enacting Gun Control My “Biggest Failure”, “Gun Lobby Simply Won”

February 10 2015
by GSL Staff
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In a recent interview with MSNBC, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder once again said that failing to enact gun control was his biggest regret.

Holder also said the gun lobby “won” the debate on gun control in recent years.

Here is part of the interview:

“You once said the worst day in office was the day that you had to walk through the bloodied aftermath” following the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary. MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry’s said, “Children were slaughtered in their classrooms and we have not made any meaningful progress on changing the access to guns in this country. Are we a nation of cowards when it comes to guns?”

Holder responded, “Well, I’ll say this, [walking through the school] was the worst day I had as Attorney General. It is, I think the single failure that I point to in my time as Attorney General, that I was not able to… convince Congress to really follow the will of the American people — which was to enact meaningful, reasonable, gun safety measures. The gun lobby simply won.”

By the “gun lobby simply won,” I’m going to assume he means that legislators realized that a majority of Americans aren’t actually interested in any new gun control laws.

Holder also failed to mention the fact that Republicans dominated the midterm elections, despite the fact that many Democratic candidates ran on platforms of gun control.

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