Eco Activists Throw a Fit Over NHL Star’s Photo of Dead Grizzly Following Hunt

September 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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One NHL player has raised the eyebrows of environmentalists, anti-gunners, and the other typical commentators over the above photo posts from a British Columbia hunting trip.

Clayton Stoner, 28, defenseman for the Minnesota Wild NHL team, shot and killed a grizzly bear in British Columbia. Photos of Stoner posing with the bear’s head, presumably taken as a trophy, then surfaced in public.

Obviously, someone was bound to be unhappy.

So who is speaking out about the activity?

According to,

Pleading for all hunters to abandoned the sport and their guns, William Housty of the Heiltsuk Frist Nations said, “It’s up to Mr. Stoner how he wants to proceed from here, but we’d encourage him and all other hunters to leave their guns at home.”

And also, according to,

“I don’t think there’s any place for this disgusting, barbaric, so-called sport of trophy-hunting in British Columbia,” Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs said.

So what did Stoner have to say about the whole thing? Well, he cleared things up in an issued statement.

“I grew up hunting and fishing in British Columbia and continue to enjoy spending time with my family outdoors,” Stoner said in a statement.

“I applied for and received a grizzly bear hunting license through a British Columbia limited entry lottery last winter and shot a grizzly bear with my license while hunting with my father, uncle and a friend in May.”

“I love to hunt and fish and will continue to do so with my family and friends in British Columbia.”

B.C. hands out 300 of these such licenses each year and the hunting industry generates an estimated $300 million for the area.

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