Duke Basketball Team Attacked by Anti-Gun Groups for Posting Photo With Realistic Laser Tag Guns

October 16 2013
by GSL Staff
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The Duke basketball team was forced, via criticism by anti-gun groups, to remove a photo of the team holding realistic looking firearms from the team Twitter account.

What were the firearms in question? They were essentially laser tag guns.

As part of a team building exercise, the team was visiting the West Point Military Academy, where they were allowed to run through some of the combat simulations at the school, including firing realistic versions of military weapons that fire lasers.

According to WRAL,

“They were given the opportunity by the Army personnel to take some pictures,” Jon Jackson, associate director of athletics, said Monday.

Due to a media frenzy and the photos exploding around social media, the team removed the photos from its Twitter account.

Most of the initial media reports did not indicate that the “guns” were in fact laser training guns.

However, even if the photo was taken at a firing range that rented out full auto firearms, and those were actual M4’s, would it really be that big of a deal for a sports team to have their photo taken with guns?

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