Duck Dynasty Stars Speak Out in Support of Gun Rights In Recent Weeks

October 21 2013
by GSL Staff
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duckThe stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, the reality television juggernaut, have not been outspoken pro-gun supporters, however, it would be hard to assume they aren’t, given their lifestyle and hobbies.

Now, at least one of the stars of the show, Uncle Si, has spoken out slightly against gun control.

In a recent interview with Men’s Journal, the wackiest, and possible most well known character on the show said the following,

“It ain’t gun control we need; it’s sin control,”

This comment was in reference to his older brother Phil’s comments on the state of morals in America.

Perhaps speaking to the fact that the Robertson clan might be preparing to use their newfound fame for political purposes, Phil and his wife Kay also showed their support for gun rights earlier this month.

According to CBS Houston,

The Robertson family has stood up for gun rights before – Phil and Kay Robertson headlined a Friends of NRA event in Oklahoma earlier this month, according to The Enid News.

With the flurry of anti-gun celebrities using their renown to push for more gun control it’s refreshing to see more conservative celebrities using their influence as well. Of course, it would be desirable to live in a culture where the thoughts of celebrities aren’t weighted so highly, but until then we’ll take all the help we can get.

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