Dozens Wounded in Gun-Free Chicago Over Holiday Weekend – Governor Calls for Stricter Laws

July 8 2013
by GSL Staff
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Grant_Park,_Chicago,_Illinois,_Estados_Unidos,_2012-10-20,_DD_03In the gun control mecca that is Chicago, IL dozens of people were shot over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, including at least 9 who were killed.

According to Fox News, “One of the shootings on Saturday night proved especially violent, killing a man in his late 40s and wounding six others. A 25-year-old man was shot and killed earlier Saturday outside his home.

Among the wounded are a 7-year-old boy who was shot Thursday night and Jaden Donald, 5, who authorities and relatives said has undergone multiple surgeries since being shot in the abdomen early Friday morning in a park. Police said two men — ages 34 and 28 — also were wounded in that Friday shooting.”

Chicago currently has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country. Gun ownership is extremely regulated and legally owning a firearm is a tedious process. There is currently no method in the state of Illinois that allows for private citizens to carry weapons on their person, outside the home, for self defense.

Illinois was recently ordered by a Federal Court to put in place a concealed carry law, which all other states have, by this Tuesday. Earlier this year the state legislature passed a bill that would put in place somewhat restrictive gun carry options, but the bill was gutted last week by Democratic Governor Pat Quinn using his amendatory veto powers.

Quinn apparently thinks the answer to gun violence is to have even stricter gun control laws. “That ought to be an alarm bell to all of us that we need strong laws that protect the public safety, especially when it comes to guns,” Quinn told reporters. “It’s time to end the violence.”

Apparently in Chicago politics, when something doesn’t work, you just double down on it and hope for the best instead of addressing the real problem – strict gun control only disarms law abiding citizens as criminals don’t follow gun purchase and registration laws anyway.

The legislature is expected to override Quinn’s changes to the carry bill this week.

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