Democratic Senator Uses Newtown to Raise Campaign Money in Email

April 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to an editorial on, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (CT – Democrat), is using the Newtown shooting as an emotional appeal to raise funds for his reelection campaign.

In an email to his supporters this week he said, “As your senator, I will continue fighting for the rights of all the people, not the special interests. But I need your help. Please contribute $5 now as the Senate debate continues on common-sense gun reform legislation this week.”

If there is any question that Democrats are using a horrible tragedy for political purposes this should put those questions to rest.

Before anyone points it out, no the Senator did not mention Sandy Hook specifically, but it’s quite obvious to anyone what the current gun debate is about, especially for Connecticut constituents.

Just remember these are the types of people supported by the anti-gun lobby.

We think it’s totally classless to use a tragedy in which over 20 people died to solicit $5 donations for political gains.

Shame on you Senator.

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