D.C. Councilman Calls For Disarming Police Officers (Along With Civilians)

October 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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It’s no secret that the Washington DC City Council wants to disarm pretty much every citizen in the district, but now we have one of the members calling for even police officers to be disarmed.

That’s right, independent Councilman David Grosso said at Wednesday night’s meeting.

According to WJLA,

Grosso said his staff has urged him not to express the opinion, but nonetheless, he said, “I think we ought to get rid of guns in the city and that police shouldn’t have guns.”

Democratic Council-member Tommy Wells pointed out that some police officers in other countries don’t carry deadly weapons.

I guess Grosso is unaware of the fact that more police officers than ever in places like the UK are now authorized to carry firearms while on duty.

Talk about being out of touch with reality. These people really never cease to amaze me with their idiotic comments.

The council voted last month to implement an extremely strict concealed carry law following a court order that said the district’s complete ban on carry outside of the home is unconstitutional. The new licensing system is a “may-issue” system which means virtually no normal citizens will be able to get the permit.

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