Currently Used Nursing Textbook Encourages Nurses to be Anti Gun Advocates

May 8 2013
by GSL Staff
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The book, Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children and Their Families, which, according to Amazon reviews, is currently in use in nursing schools contains some telling advice for future nurses.

The book basically says nurses need to be anti gun, discourage firearm ownership and support legislation which supports the regulation of semi automatic firearms.

The entire book is archived on Google Books and you can follow this link to view the actual text:
View on Google Books

This book illustrates the further indoctrination young people against guns. The book does not give any supporting statistics to its claims (probably because they don’t exist), and the book is so vehement against guns that this page is included on page 11 of the 1500 page book. In fact pages 9-11 are all dedicated to the issue of firearms (poverty and immigration issues take up the first 9 pages).

This is extremely disturbing on many levels that young healthcare providers are being essentially brainwashed.

Information on the author, Nicki L Potts is somewhat sparse online with only listings of her numerous text books coming up along with a few resume style bios showing a career in nursing and education.

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