Cop in Scotland in Hot Water After He’s Photographed Wearing a Holstered Sidearm

April 18 2015
by GSL Staff
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Apparently, in Scotland, even the extremely limited number of police officers who are authorized to carry firearms are only allowed to carry them to firearms incidents or where there was a threat to life.

It’s really nice of the criminals in Scotland to call ahead and let the police know that they are planning on threatening someone’s life in advance so they can make sure they have an armed response ready.

According to the BBC:

A police officer in Inverness has been photographed carrying a firearm despite assurances that sidearms would only be deployed under special circumstances.

The officer was carrying a handgun in the railway station in Inverness on Tuesday as he walked through the main concourse.

Police Scotland said the officer had breached new force policy.

The humanity.

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