Company to Sell Fake, Decoy Guns to People Who Want to Appear to Be Armed, but Not Own Firearms

January 12 2015
by GSL Staff
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It appears that a new company is set to begin selling fake guns/holsters to people who want to appear to be armed but don’t want to go through the actual hassle of owning and training with a firearm.

Because we all know that you just strap a firearm to your body and all trouble will magically leave you alone forever (please not heavy sarcasm in that sentence).

Here is the sales pitch from the company’s website:

PCD was founded in 2014 by a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who served multiple combat tours to Iraq, and other places throughout the world. Based in Virginia Beach, VA, the sole purpose of these devices is to bridge the gap between hardcore everyday gun toting enthusiasts and those who are less willing to have a firearm in their home.

The mission of PCD is to change how society treats one another. Could things be more peaceful if everyone knew that you might be carrying a weapon? Perhaps. PCD seeks to explore a shift in change in the way we all treat one another.

– These devices are for those who wish to feel protected but do not want the hassle of owning an actual firearm
– PCD’s require no background check or permit since they are not actual firearms
– Store doesn’t have your favorite ammunition in stock?
– Want to wear in a parking lot and stow away in purse once you’ve reached your destination and not fear a discharge?
– Don’t want the fear of young children finding a loaded weapon by mistake?
– Give your unarmed security staff a more authoritative presence
– Shop owners concerned about robbery
– Know someone who could benefit from carrying a handgun, but aren’t safety conscious?
– Don’t want to be approached by a criminal element?
– As you can see, the uses and possibilities are endless.

Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that may not be used? The all in one piece construction of these devices addresses all of these hurdles while still allowing for the benefits of open carry.

Personal Carry Decoys, or Personal Crime Deterrents are designed to provide a “strong” defensive posture to those who wear one and has the look of a live weapon. Remember, Perceived Carry is all about the perception that you are ready for business and let’s face it, perception is reality.

Be intimidating. Be protected.

People who are considering this (which I hope is pretty much no one), should be aware that analog weapons laws might apply to these things in many states.

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