Colorado Governor Back Pedals: “I’d Sign Magazine Ban Again”

June 25 2014
by GSL Staff
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Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has really been all over the place on the issue of gun rights in recent days.

Speaking to a group of sheriffs, the governor apologized for signing a magazine capacity law last year and admitted he didn’t have all of the facts when he signed it.

Now, after coming under fire from Democrats, Hickenlooper has back pedaled on that statement as well in a recent interview.

According to KDVR,

In his first interview on the subject, Hickenlooper told FOX31 Denver that he wasn’t aware he was being filmed last Friday during a meeting with the sheriffs in Aspen when he appeared to backpedal on the magazine ban, agreeing with one sheriff that it was unenforceable and telling the group that he didn’t expect the legislation to even make it to his desk.

The remarks, he said Friday, were an effort to apologize to sheriffs who felt their voices weren’t heard during last year’s legislative process, not a disavowal of the magazine ban itself.

“I didn’t say it’s unenforceable, I said it’s difficult to enforce,” Hickenlooper said. “A lot of laws are difficult to enforce; that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be there. If we went through the process again, I’d sign it again.”

So, you’re willing to say one thing in order to placate a particular political group when you think it’s off the record, but then change the story once you learn there is a camera there? John Hickenlooper is the worse kind of politician. At least we know where we stand with the Dianne Feinsteins and Charles Schumers of the world, but this guy is nothing but a snake.

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