CO Gun Control Laws Backfire; Anti-Gunners Cancel Gun Buyback Due to Universal Background Checks

July 24 2013
by GSL Staff
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coloradoflag_erinAccording to a report on KOAA, Colorado anti-gunners have to cancel a planned gun buyback due to new laws passed by the state legislature earlier this year.

One of the new laws says that all transfers of firearms must go through a federally licensed firearms dealer who will perform a background check for each transfer.

In order for Together Colorado, the group sponsoring the event, to have it take place it would have to be done at a gun shop, they would have to pay for each transfer, and each transfer would require a potentially time consuming background check.

Because of these limitation, the buyback has been canceled at the urging of the local sheriff, Joe Pelle.

According to KOAA,

Event organizers had planned to give gift cards or tickets to sporting events to people who turned in firearms. Students raised nearly $8,000 to purchase the incentives.

The idea was to collect guns and then immediately hand them over to the Sheriff’s Office for destruction. Some of the remnants of the destroyed firearms would then be passed along to Boulder-area metalworking artist Jessica Adams to use for a sculpture aimed at creating gun violence awareness.

Colorado has become a national interest over gun control laws in 2013 after they passed strict gun control laws earlier this year following heated debates.

The passage of the laws has resulted in multi-million dollar gun related businesses, such as Magpul, to consider moving their operations to more gun friendly states. The passage of the laws has also resulted in the attempted recall of two Democratic state senators who will have to defend their seats in a recall election in September.

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