CNN: Mass Shootings Not on the Rise

June 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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First CNN points out Everytown’s questionable school shooting statistics, then they run a front page profile on Joe Wilcox, the concealed carrier who confronted the Las Vegas killers and now they acknowledge that mass shootings are not on the rise? Is CNN actually moving towards somewhat fair coverage on guns? I’m not holding my breath, but these recent stories are little more encouraging than their past coverage.

Criminologist James Alan Fox, a professor at Northeastern University, appeared on Jake Tapper’s The Lead on CNN.

Fox has compiled the data for all mass shootings (defined in which there are 4 or more victims) over the last 35 years. What we see when that data is graphed is a relatively flat trend line overall.

However, we do see spikes and troughs in certain years. Interestingly, it seems mass shootings were actually much more common in the early 1990’s than they have been in the last few years. However, with the advent of the 24 hours news cycle and social media we are hearing about more and more of these incidents. This is a change in media, not the number of crazy people going on killing sprees.

I do not agree with Prof. Fox’s assumption that we should pass a magazine capacity limit.

It should be noted that none of the recent incidents that have been in the news, with the exception of the Isla Vista incident, would be classified as a mass shooting. In the case of the Seattle college shooting and the Portland high school shooting, the suspects were stopped by armed resistance (a student armed with pepper spray in Seattle and armed resource officers in Portland) in both cases before they could kill more people.

In the case of the Las Vegas cop killers, the pair was confronted by an armed concealed carrier who may have slowed the pair down enough for police to engage and kill them.

If anything, all of the recent incidents we’ve seen should show that on scene, armed resistance of some kind is the absolute best way to neutralize these killers as quickly as possible.

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