Clerk Shot to Death After Complying With Armed Robbers Demands

March 7 2012
by GSL Staff
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Many politicians and other government officials will say that it is better to comply with the wishes of an armed robber than to “escalate” (their words, not ours) the situation by fighting back. They say that these violent criminals only want your belongings and will leave you safely alone after you comply with their “requests”.

However, that doesn’t always work. As is the case in this Indiana murder. A store clerk complied with all of the demands of an armed robber. As the robber was getting ready to leave he turned back to the clerk and fired one shot. Then he walked behind the counter and shot the female clerk again at point blank range to make sure she had died.

When dealing with someone who is willing to point a gun at you for a small sum of money you are not dealing with a rational person. Compliance does not guarantee that these already violent criminals will not simply kill you.

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