City of Carrolton, GA Settles Lawsuit Over Their Illegal Anti-Gun Laws

May 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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ga flag georgiaThe mayor of Carrolton, GA, Wayne Garner, announced that the city would settle in a lawsuit brought by grassroots gun rights group, (the same group largely responsible for the passage of Georgia’s massive carry rights expansion bill this year).

The lawsuit alleges that restrictions passed by the city that would restrict guns in parades and on the city’s new walking trail violate state law.

According to The Times Georgian,

Garner said this week the city will be withdrawing from the defense of the ordinances, settling the lawsuit outside the court.

James Camp, co-founder of GeorgiaCarry, said he’s “glad to see the mayor has had a change of heart.”

“But actions speak louder than words,” Camp said of Garner’s comments that the city would stop fighting the lawsuit. “I hope that he presses on the City Council to repeal both of the ordinances.”

Garner said Wednesday that the new gun bill signed by the governor last week makes the city’s case before a judge much weaker.

“With House Bill 90 [editor’s note: I assume this means HB 60], it’s clear we don’t have anywhere to go,” Garner said. “So we’ve withdrawn from the matter, and we’ll see what happens.”

I suspect what will happen is absolutely nothing.

This win is one of several recent ones for, who is exerting more and more influence over gun politics in the peach state.

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