CHICAGO: 39 Shot In One Weekend – Media Continues to Focus on CA Incident

May 26 2014
by GSL Staff
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It’s been 3 days since Elliot Rodger shot 11 people in California, killing 3 (he also stabbed 3 people to death and hit at least 4 people with his car) and it’s all the media can talk about.

We’ve seen numerous reports about the killer, his family, the victim’s families and the suspected reasons for the mass murder spree. The incident has gotten near 24 hour coverage on popular news websites and television stations.

Over a 1 weekend period 39 people were shot in Chicago.

Chicago, like the area of California where the murders took place, has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation.

However, there is a difference. Outside of the Chicago media, virtually no one has mentioned the problems in the Windy City.

This just goes to show how biased anti-gun activists as well as the national media is. If these people were truly so concerned with reducing violence, why are they ignoring one of the largest hubs of violence in the country?

Of course, we know reducing violence isn’t the end goal for anti-gun activists. It’s a political game to them. Something to be won or lost. Them vs the “evil NRA” and the gun industry. Gang violence and violence related to other criminal activity such as drugs in Chicago doesn’t help their cause. It doesn’t help them win their “game,” so it goes unspoken.

However, a crazy rich kid who used guns in a violent crime spree (he also used several other, non-firearm weapons), fits right into their agenda. Something they can easily package. A single incident that can be described in a few sound bites as a rally cry for “their side”.

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