Cedar Rapids Police Chief Brags About the Number of Guns Confiscated This Year

December 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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Stock - gun in handCedar Rapids, Iowa Police Chief Wayne Jerman is saying that his officers have confiscated 96 firearms so far this year.

The chief says most of the confiscations occur during traffic stops and while executing search warrants.

According to KCRG,

The chief said many of the guns are seized by officers during traffic stops and during the execution of search warrants. The department is thrilled they’re making progress. Despite the ongoing efforts and improved gun violence statistics, though, police know they have more work to do.

The Chief has made it clear that reducing gun violence is at the top of his priority list.

While getting guns out of the hands of criminals is certainly desirable, I hope no law abiding citizens are getting caught in this initiative to “get guns off the street”.

I wouldn’t mind some addition clarification on what kinds of traffic stops result in confiscated firearms as well.

The Chief is currently working on raising funds for a gun buyback.

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