California College Campus Shut Down for Almost an Hour Over Cardboard Gun

May 8 2013
by GSL Staff
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First off, let’s point out that despite California’s extreme anti gun stances in most cases, campus carry is actually LEGAL for law abiding concealed license holders (and yes carry licenses can be obtained in many California counties, even thought it’s a “may issue” state).

That fact makes this case all the more asinine.

What happened – a student taking place in a criminal justice exercise as part of class was carrying a cardboard cutout gun. This sparked calls to police who responded as if an active shooter was on campus, once again, even though campus carry is technically legal in California.

Police responded, and after 45 MINUTES, they finally made contact with the student, who was making no effort to hide.

Police figured out what was going on, no one was hurt and no one was charged with any crimes.

This story highlights several things. One is California’s ridiculous stance on guns (in many states a call about a properly holstered weapon wouldn’t even warrant a response with other reports of wrong doing). Two is that students should be allowed to exercise their rights to protect themselves on campus.

This incident took police almost a freaking hour to make contact with a non violent suspect, who was unarmed, and who was not even trying to allude police. What if there really was a threat?

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