CA College and Elementary School Put on Lockdown After Student Made Gun Gesture With Hands

May 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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Both a college and a nearby elementary school were put on lockdown after a student at Heald College made “gun gestures” with her hands and began acting erratically.

Based on media reports, it’s tough to determine what exactly happened here, but it sounds like a woman at the college was making some sort of gun gestures with her hand which caused some other students to speculate that she had a gun.

Due to the speculation both the college and an elementary school in the same plaza were put on lockdown.

According to a local Fox affiliate,

She had returned to her Criminal Justice classroom during the lockdown, just as students and a teacher were getting ready to barricade the classroom door.

Her teacher, Professor Conrad Woodall, noticed she was acting differently and figured out that the lockdown was likely linked to her behavior.

“She was throwing tables around, so I was able to get her calm and under control,” said Woodall, also a former Sacramento Police officer.

Police say there was no gun and the lockdown was lifted after the woman was taken into custody. She was taken to a nearby hospital for a mental evaluation.

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