BREAKING: Texas State Senate Says College Students Can Keep Guns in Cars on Campus

May 1 2013
by GSL Staff
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The Texas state senate has approved a bill that would allow college students to keep handguns in their vehicles when parked on campus. The bill passed in a largely bi-partisan vote 27-4.

This law would supersede the rules of many campuses in the state.

Pro gun politicians in Texas last year tried to pass an outrigth campus concealed carry bill, which would have allowed students and staff who possess a valid carry permit to carry onto campus.

Many school districts in Texas are also moving to allow staff with a permit to carry on K-12 campuses as well.

Not everyone in Texas was excited about the bill. According to Fox News,

Democratic Sen. Jose Rodriguez of El Paso argued the bill would lead to allowing guns in college classrooms, “I opposed the bill because, given today’s climate and the rise of crime on ours campuses, the last thing we need to do is pass a bill like this.”

“You allow it in the glove compartment of your car in the college campus and if you have a disgruntled student who wants to take (his or her) anger out on the teacher or an administrator, what’s going to stop the student from walking to the car and getting it?” Rodriguez said.

Governor Rick Perry will surely sign the law should it reach his desk.

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