BREAKING: Police Raid Home of Adam Kokesh After He Posts Washington DC Open Carry Video

July 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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On the Fourth of July Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh posted a video of himself wielding and loading a pump action shotgun in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC.

Possession of an unregistered firearm and carrying of guns in public are both crimes in Washington, DC.

Now, according to MyFoxDC US Park Police are raiding the home of Kokesh to serve a search warrant.

There is no information to determine if Kokesh was home at the time of the raid or if he is being detained.

According to MyFoxDC,

D.C. Police Chief Lanier told us on July 4th, “You’re allowed to have a rifle [or] shotgun registered for your home, if you’re a D.C. resident and it’s registered for the protection of your home. You can transport it through the District of Columbia as well. But there are rules for that transport. What [Kokesh] did [Thursday] morning, if in fact that was a real firearm [with] real ammunition, would be a violation of the law.”

Here is the original video Kokesh posted to his Youtube channel.

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