BREAKING: Maryland Gun Dealer BACKS DOWN From Decision to Sell “Smart Gun”

May 2 2014
by GSL Staff
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The first retailer who decides to carry any “smart gun” is in a tough place. If they actually go through with it, they will trigger a 10 year old law in New Jersey that effectively bans all other types of guns.

bill was signed into law in New Jersey in 2002 that says,

It is within the public interest, and vital to the safety of our families and children, for New Jersey to take the bold and innovative step of fostering the development of personalized handguns by firearms manufacturers. To accomplish this objective, the Legislature determines that it should enact legislation designed to further enhance firearms safety by requiring that, within a specified period of time after the date on which these new personalized handguns are deemed to be available for retail sales purposes, no other type of handgun shall be sold or offered for sale by any registered or licensed firearms dealer in this State.

It looked like that law was going to be triggered when a Maryland gun shop, which was already on the ropes due to Maryland’s new gun laws, would be the first retailer to start selling the Armatix iP1 Smart Gun.

However, according to a Washington Post report published early this morning, the shop has backed down,

A Rockville gun store owner who said he would sell the nation’s first smart gun — even after a California gun store removed the weapon from its shelves to placate angry gun-rights activists — backed down late Thursday night after enduring a day of protests and death threats.

Folks, let me take a break here to give a little PSA. Don’t send death threats to people, regardless of their stance on ANY issue. It only serves to discredit your argument and terrorize someone for their opinion.

I am glad that the New Jersey law regarding smart guns remains un-triggered for now.

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