BREAKING: GA School District To Vote on Keeping Rifles on Campuses for Emergencies

September 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock_ar_15As many schools move in the direction of implementing stricter gun policies in recent months, at least one school district in GA is looking at increasing the number of guns in schools as a response to school shooter scenarios.

According to My Fox Atlanta, Gainesville City Schools are considering the placement of rifles on their various school campuses.

The guns would be locked up and only be accessible to resource officers if needed during an emergency.

The school’s resource officers are currently armed with handguns, however research has shown that handguns may be ineffective in some of the long, narrow hallways some of the schools have.

According to Fox,

Gainesville City Schools Superintendent Merrianne Dyer says the rifles would be placed at Gainesville High School, Gainesville Middle School and Wood’s Mill Academy.

the idea of giving officers access to something with a longer range than their sidearms was originally brought up in April.

The school board will hold the vote during their October meeting.

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