BREAKING: Court Decision – USPS CANNOT Ban Guns in Their Parking Lots

July 11 2013
by GSL Staff
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usps-logo copyAccording to a Denver Post report, a Federal Court has ruled that the United States Post Office violated a man’s rights when they banned firearms in their parking lot.

The judge upheld the ban on firearms within Post Office buildings themselves, but said the same ban cannot apply to a gun a left in a car in the parking lot.

According to the Denver Post,

There are good reasons for barring weapons within the postal building itself, Matsch said. “An individual openly carrying a firearm may excite passions, or excited passions may lead to the use of the firearm. Someone could also attempt to take the firearm from its lawful carrier and use it for criminal purpose.”

But there are no similar reasons to forbid Bonidy from securing his gun in a vehicle in the parking lot before entering the building, Matsch said…

…”The public interest in safety and Mr. Bonidy’s liberty can be accommodated by modifying the regulation to permit Mr. Bonidy to “have ready access to essential postal services” provided by the Avon Post Office while also exercising his right to self-defense.”

While I’m glad the case is a small win for Second Amendment rights, I would disagree with Judge Matsch’s argument about bringing guns into a post office being dangerous. There is nothing overly special or different about a post office from the multitude of other places guns are legally carried without incident everyday.

In fact, forcing post office patrons to leave their guns in their cars creates creates an area where thieves know there is a high probability of unattended guns to steal.

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