BREAKING: Congressman Introduces Bill Requiring “Smart” Guns That Can Only be Fired by Owners

May 18 2013
by GSL Staff
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Massachusetts Congressman John Tierney (D) has introduced a bill in the House of Represenatives which would require all guns to be “personalized” within two years — meaning only the lawful owner of a weapon could fire it.

Several companies are currently working on biometric systems for guns which allow only the owner to fire the gun.

According to the Boston Globe, Michael Recce, an associate professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has been working on biometric gun technology since 1999.

“When the trigger of a gun is pulled, the shooter’s hand applies a pressure pattern to the grip of the gun that is based on his or her bone structure, hand size, and behavior patterns,” Recce said. “This grip pattern differs from individual to individual in much the same way as a signature does.”

There are also commercial endeavors in the field.

Also according to the Boston Globe,

Another player in this emerging field, Safe Gun Technology, or SGTi, uses a fingerprint recognition system to make sure a gun can be fired only by its owner. “Our technology is designed for two things; to retrofit guns through licensed gunsmiths only and to be incorporated into the manufacturing process,” said Charlie Miller, chairman of the Columbus, Ga.-based company.

Miller said the goal is to produce a retrofit kit that costs less than $150, including installation.

While the technology sounds all well and good, it is unclear how this would actually prevent crime.

Based on our research and categorization of nearly 900 self defense stories there are fewer than 3 cases where a homeowner was injured by their own gun. Also, once a criminal steals a gun, they have ample time to remove the biometric protection. How long would it really take for instructions on disabling gun biometrics to appear online?

Also, and this is the biggest issue, all of these systems need power to operate. This means batteries. Batteries corrode. Batteries lose their charge. The last thing you would want would be to need a gun and not be able to operate it because you forgot to change the batteries in your gun.

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