BREAKING: Boston Bombers Had Only ONE Firearm, a 9mm Ruger Handgun

April 24 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to a report published by ABC News, the Boston bombing suspects had only a single firearm – a 9mm Ruger handgun, possibly similar to the one pictured.

The ABC report further theorizes that the suspects shot and killed MIT police officer Sean Collier was an attempt to gain another firearm.

The report further states that it appears now that the brothers used powder from large fireworks to make their homemade bombs, NOT gunpowder normally used in the reloading of ammunition.

According to the ABC article:

Law enforcement sources told ABC News the gun recovered from the scene of the Tsarnaev brothers’ shoot out with police was a Ruger 9 mm semi-automatic handgun. Sources said the gun is in the custody of the Massachusetts State Police lab and that the serial number on the firearm was obliterated.

Investigators have techniques to raise serial numbers after they have been obliterated so they can be read. Investigators would use the serial numbers to conduct urgent traces on the gun to determine where and how it was purchased.

I’m sure anti gunners will find some way to spin this for more gun control.

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