Branford, CT Police Launch Investigation Into Officer Who Threatened Gun Rights Activist

March 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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What’s this? Some ever so slightly encouraging news out of Connecticut?

You remember the story we reported over the weekend about the Branford, CT police officer who allegedly told gun rights activist John Cinque that he couldn’t wait to kick down his door to confiscate his guns?

Well, now it appears that officer is under investigation for the comments, which were apparently publicly made on Facebook. From the Branford Seven,

Branford Police have launched an Internal Investigation into the allegations that an officer made written comments during a Facebook conversation that has alarmed citizens’ after the comment was posted publicly on the internet. The comment was made between the complainant and the officer, while off duty, during a fervent debate between the two over current and proposed gun laws.

The officer in question is Joe Peterson, who engaged in a heated debate on Facebook regarding gun control with a series of Facebook “friends.”

Branford police noted that the comments were made by Peterson while he was off-duty, and he has been out on an extended Workers Compensation Leave.

Chief Kevin Halloran confirmed the allegation and said, “We treat every complaint to our agency concerning our officers with the utmost of seriousness. This, like any other allegation will be thoroughly investigated and if any law, departmental rule or regulation has been violated the officer will be held accountable.”

Back in 2012, Officer Peterson lost his K9 partner of many years when he was put to sleep. I certainly don’t support Peterson’s alleged comments on his Second Amendment stance, but as a dog lover myself I do offer my condolences for this loss.

Very interesting to say the least. Here is the video in which Cinque relates the story about the threat,

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