Boston Mayor: “We Need to Know Where These Guns Are, Who Has These Guns, so We Can Get Them Off the Street”

February 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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WalshBoston’s newest mayor made his stance on firearms pretty clear over the weekend. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh threw his support behind a large scale gun buyback (still don’t understand how you can buy something back you never owned in the first place) following the accidental shooting of a 9 year old last week.

The mayor said the following,

I’m working with the commissioner a little bit now to come up with how we’re going to formulate the gun buyback program.

We need help from the community, we need help from people to let us know where these guns are, who has these guns who are bringing these guns in, so we can get them off the street.

So is Mayor Walsh encouraging people to call the authorities on their neighbors and friends if they suspect they may have an unregistered firearm in their home?

Walsh, taking a play out of outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun playbook, of course had to expand his anti-gun rhetoric to a nationwide level instead of focusing on his city,

National gun reform is important. Most of these guns are coming from out-of-state states that don’t have tough gun laws. We’re simply asking people to register their guns — that’s it.

I’m trying to remember… what has happened in almost every other country that has instituted gun registration? What was it again? Oh, yeah, confiscation. In nearly every country that has instituted firearm registration, it has been followed with some form of confiscation or involuntary surrender of some types of firearms.

Walsh is just the latest mayor of a large, Northeastern city to think that he knows what’s best for the entire country.

Sources:, CBS Boston

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