AZ School District Wants Parents to Sign Contract Agreeing to Lock Guns Up at Home

August 14 2013
by GSL Staff
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No_GunAccording to the Daily Caller, the Flowing Wells Unified School District, a small school district near Tucson, has included in their fall registration materials a contract it wants parents and students to sign.

The contract generally addresses using non violent means to solve disagreements. An admirable goal, no doubt. However, one clause in the contract is unsettling to some parents.

The contact says “I will teach, including by personal example, my teenager about the dangers and consequences of the misuse of guns and weapons, and I will keep any guns I own under lock, away from school grounds and away from my children.”

The “under lock” and “away from children” clauses are unsettling to some.

Arizona has no requirement to keep guns locked up, and the state is actually one of a handful that has license free gun carry outside of the home.

Many young people also enjoy hunting and shooting sports under the supervision of their parents in the state, so agreeing to completely keep guns away from minors would greatly limit these traditional past times.

Here is a copy of the agreement as acquired by Gun Owners of Arizona (click to enlarge).


According to the Daily Caller,

It’s not clear what negative consequences violators of any signed contract would suffer beyond the penalties for breaking existing state laws that have nothing to do with the contract.

So far only two parents have voiced any concern over the contract.

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