ATF Investigates “Sons of Guns” Show & Red Jacket Firearms Over Missing “Insane Machine Gun”

August 1 2014
by GSL Staff
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According a report by TMZ, the ATF stepped in to investigate reports of some missing guns that were related to Red Jacket Firearms and their Discovery television show, “Sons of Guns”.

The guns were reported missing to the ATF by their owner (some of the guns on the show are leased) after there was a shipping delay that held up getting the guns back from a show.

One of the guns, which TMZ describes as an “insane, incredibly destructive machine gun” (and what I describe as dumb) is a Saiga 12 shotgun with a full auto MAC-11 attached to it…yeah…

Anyway, the guns were never actually missing, they were just held up in the shipping process.

Filming of the show was halted while the ATF conducted their investigation.

All of the guns in question were located and were legal.

Can we stop attaching guns to other guns now?

Sons of Guns is currently airing its 5th season on Discovery networks. This is not the first run in with the ATF that has plagued Red Jacket Firearms and the show.

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