Army Vet May Face 3 Years in Prison in Canada After Taking a Wrong Turn With a Gun in the Car

February 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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Canada FlagWhat’s the worst wrong turn you’ve ever made? Did you have to drive for miles to find a spot to turn around and get back on track, adding time to your trip? Chances are your worst wrong turn is nowhere near as bad as Louis DiNatale’s.

DiNatale was on a trip to Vermont with his wife. A relaxing getaway. However, when DiNatale’s GPS incorrectly told him to take a turn, he ended up on a bridge between New York and Canada.

Canadian authorities did not care that he had drove onto the bridge accidentally and denied his request to turn around and go back to America.

According to the LA Times,

Then the questions started about guns. A border agent asked whether he owned any.

“Yes,” DiNatale said.

“Why?” an agent asked.

“I told him I was retired military, I had respect for weapons, and I had a concealed carry license to do so,” DiNatale said in a statement.

“He asked me when was the last time I had a weapon on me. I told him, ‘Earlier that week.’ He asked me again, ‘Why?’ I told him it was my right as an American citizen to do so.”

But he was driving his wife’s car, and had forgotten he had stowed his Bersa .380 handgun in the center console days earlier.

A search turned up the gun and DiNatale found himself handcuffed and under interrogation by Canadian border officers for allegedly trying to smuggle a loaded handgun into the country — and lying about it. He spent four days in a Canadian jail before he could post bail.

DiNatale could face up three years in Canadian prison if convicted. DiNatale’s lawyer was told that guns are pretty much a zero tolerance issue for the Canadian justice system.

DiNatale plans to aggressively fight the charges. His court date in Canada is scheduled for June. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

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