Anti-Gunner “Outs” (aka Harasses) Legal Concealed Carrier by Putting Up Sign

October 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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Matthew Halleck wanted to protect his two daughters in every possible way that he can. For him, like millions of other Americans, that means legally carrying a gun everyday.

Halleck even carries a firearm to drop his daughters off at school, however he is careful not violate any state laws in the process.

Now, for anyone who freaks out about the 1,000 foot federal “gun free zone” around schools, that federal law exempts people who hold a carry permit (see Exceptions to the Gun-Free School Zones Act).

However, that logic isn’t good enough for one anti-gunner. According to KAAL,

But Matthew is no longer the only one who knows he’s carrying a gun. Recently a sign went up in a front yard across the street from the school. It has Matthew’s picture on it and reads, “This man carries a loaded gun around your children every day.”

“Since we don’t have a way to stop him, we felt it was important to notify the neighborhood and the parents that there is an armed man in their presence,” said Kimberly Edson, a Rochester resident who put the sign up. “The first couple days of school he had it very visible, we saw it and were quite concerned,” she said.

Kimberly called the police the day the picture was taken, but they said Matthew has a legal right to carry off school property. Matthew also contacted authorities concerning the sign, and while they briefly took the sign down, it was eventually determined that Kimberly was also breaking no laws. “He has a 2nd Amendment right to carry the gun, I have my 1st Amendment right to say that I don’t like it,” said Edson.

And I have a constitutional right to say that you’re a bad person and a busybody.

Seriously, what does this woman hope to accomplish with her sign? What Halleck is doing is completely legal, and in several states, it’s already legal for parents to carry onto school property when picking up and dropping off their children (check your state laws).

I guess the best case scenario would be that this sign will raise awareness of the fact that parents in Minnesota can’t escort their children onto school property and hopefully that law will be changed in short order.

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