Anti-Gunner Gets Mad When Guns Bought in “Buyback” Were Auctioned Off to be Sold to Public

August 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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aussie (Stock Photo, not actual buyback photo)

You mad bro? Yeah, you mad. (Obligatory internet reference).

It looks an anti-gun activist in Georgia is upset that over 40 guns that were purchased in a gun “buyback” (still don’t understand that word) were auctioned off to dealers to be sold back to the general public. Not sure what she expected in Georgia.

Niki Watson, an organizer of a gun buyback event, turned over 40+ guns to the Richmond County, GA Sheriff’s Office following one of her events. She thought those guns would be destroyed.

Not so fast. Under GA law, a law enforcement agency either has to return guns in its possession to their owners (who obviously don’t want them in this case), keep them, or auction them.

According to the Augusta Chronicle,

Last year, the sheriff’s office announced that it had accumulated more than 5,000 firearms that had to be sold or retained. Sheriff Richard Roundtree decided to auction off more than 1,400.

Watson, who forfeited 62 firearms in two years to the department, said the decision felt like a slap in the face.

“My whole objective was to get them off the streets,” she said. “I don’t agree with the law that has been passed, and I think we (should) pressure our local legislators to find ways to change that.”

The guns are auctions off to FFL dealers which will then put them up for sale to the general public. Of course, anyone who purchases said guns from those dealers will have to undergo a background check. The funds raised from the auction also help the community where they are sold by raising more money for law enforcement.

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