Another Chicago Gun Control Activist Arrested, This Time for Rape

June 29 2014
by GSL Staff
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The gun control camp seems to be a lot less law abiding than the pro-gun activists based on stories over the last couple of years.

In the most recent transgression from anti-gun activists, a member of Ceasefire, an anti-gun group in Chicago, has been arrested – for rape.

According to the Chicago Sun Times,

On the streets, Richard Hernandez was supposed to stop violence as an “interrupter” in the celebrated CeaseFire program.

But Chicago cops have another name for him: rapist.

Hernandez faces 36 counts charging him with sexually assaulting and kidnapping a teenage girl while he worked for the program, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned. He’s among at least nine employees of the anti-violence program to face serious criminal charges in recent years.

Hernandez, 46, started as a temporary worker in December 2010 before becoming a $16-an-hour “violence interrupter” in May 2013, records show. The program is affiliated with the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Police in Chicago have apparently already had suspicions that the Ceasefire program was being used to by criminals to prevent crimes. Also from the Sun Times,

Police have long been suspicious about whether CeaseFire provides a cover for employees to commit crimes. They point to CeaseFire worker Sylvester Hudson, who was charged last year with selling heroin to a federal informant outside CeaseFire’s headquarters at UIC.

Another CeaseFire employee was sentenced to Cook County boot camp in 2011 for possession of a machine gun/automatic weapon, records show. Since 2010, five other CeaseFire employees have been sentenced to federal prison ­— and a sixth was sentenced to probation — in drug cases.

We’ve also seen other anti-gun activists face arrest in recent months. Dwayne Ferguson, a leader in the anti-violence organization Mad Dads, was arrested for, what else, bringing a gun into a school.

Most famously, California State Senator Leland Yee, who has authored and supported numerous gun control bills in California was indicted on federal gun trafficking charges earlier this year. The anti-gun senator was found to be trafficking illegal weapons to organized crime figures.

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