Ammo Hoarding Continues, Sportsman’s Warehouse Reports Weeks Worth of Ammo Selling out in Minutes

May 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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Stock Gun Photo - 3890bulletsWhile the large ammunition contract purchased by the Department of Homeland Security for over 1 billion rounds of ammo probably certainly hasn’t helped the ammo shortage situation, the overwhelming evidence is that gun owners are simply hoarding ammo.

According to an article KTVA, Sportman’s Warehouse in Fairbanks, Alaska is reporting that they are selling 3 weeks worth of ammo every few days to private individuals. This is in spite of a 3 small box or 1 large box limit (which you means you can only buy a max of around 100 rounds per day).

The article states that popular handgun and rifle calibers literally sell out in minutes.

According to numerous reports from earlier this year, ammo manufacturers have been running their factories at 100%, 24/7 for quite some time now, even before the current gun control scare. This means that only a slight increase in demand could have adverse reactions on the availability of ammunition, let alone the massive increase in demand we’ve seen recently.

We’re also seeing record smashing (not just breaking, but smashing) gun sales in the last 6 months. Many of those are first time buyers who, of course, will require ammo to go along with their new purchase. If every new gun owner from the last 6 months simply bought 100 rounds to along with their new gun that alone would be enough to put a strain on availability.

So, the moral of the story here, you can blame the government and external factors all you want, but the shooting community is bringing this shortage on ourselves. I have seen private citizens with 100k rounds of 22LR in recent months along with stockpiles of other calibers.

Yeah, yeah, some of you are still going to say, “But the govt, DHS, etc.” We can think that all we want, but the cold hard truth is, we’ve gotten ourselves into this situation.

What can you do? Do not buy ammo at inflated, marked up prices. Many large retail stores (Bass Pro, Wal Mart, Sportsman’s Warehouse, etc) are selling ammo for close to the same price they were before this whole ammo shortage happened. When you pay inflated rates on the second hand market you are encouraging people to buy up ammo anytime they see it with the hope of reselling it for a profit.

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