Actress Julianne Moore Joins Moms Demand Action “Not One More” Campaign

June 4 2014
by GSL Staff
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Man, I really like Julianne Moore’s movies too.

It looks like the actress is the latest to join the Bloomberg camp’s hashtag army and post her #notonemore image to the group’s Facebook page.

This campaign started in the aftermath of the Isla Vista killing spree in which 3 victims were stabbed to death and 3 were shot to death.

Based on that fact, I’m not really sure what the goal of the “Not One More” campaign is. California already has the strictest gun control laws in the country (some of those are even being found to be unconstitutional they’re so strict). The killer in the Isla Vista incident obeyed every law on the books in California.

He underwent a background check, he waited his required 10 days, he only used California legal magazines, he bought a handgun that was on California’s approved gun list and none of it mattered.

California is even one of the only states that maintains their own database of prohibited persons that uses criminal and mental health records. However, the Isla Vista killer never made it to that database despite being obviously mentally ill.

It’s all well and good to post a photo with a hashtag, but what are you actually doing? This is activism for the sake of activism and nothing more.

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