A Single Democratic State Senator May Stop Gun Control in Oregon

April 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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Oregon State Sen. Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose, might seem like an unlikely gatekeeper to the future of gun rights in Oregon, but right now she may very well hold the key in her hands.

The senator is the only Democrat in the state legislature which is questioning four gun bills coming up for a vote.

She says that she feels the measures, which include a ban on guns on school property as well as “universal background checks”, are feel good measures which wouldn’t actually do anything to prevent violent crime.

According to the StatesmanJournal.com,

Sen. Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose, said Thursday the bills are poorly crafted, more difficult to implement than supporters think and won’t help to curb gun violence.

“I just don’t think the bills accomplish what people hope they would accomplish,” she said. “If I had my way I would do something meaningful rather than symbolic.”

Way to take a common sense approach to lawmaking Senator Johnson.

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