2012 FBI Homicide Stats Are Out – Hammers & Fists Killed 3.5X More Than Rifles

May 23 2014
by GSL Staff
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Semi-auto rifles are by far the most common type of firearm targeted by gun groups and gun control legislation.

Civilian lookalike versions of military firearms in semi-auto configuration such as the AR-15 and the AK family of rifles are the poster children for the gun control movement.

However, just how often are these weapons used to kill people? In 2012, 322 people were killed with rifles. Note, this includes ALL kinds of rifles – semi-automatic, lever action, single shot, etc.

As a comparison, 1,589 people were killed with knives, 518 people were killed with blunt objects (such as hammers and bats), and 678 were killed with Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.). This means that blunt objects and fists/feet combined killed about 3.5x more people than rifles in 2012 (322 total rifle deaths, 1,196 deaths by blunt objects and personal weapons combined).

This brings up the question, why are gun control groups so determined to legislate semi-auto rifles when they are one of the least common weapons used in homicides in the US?

It should also be noted that both the murder rate with rifles is down for 2012, and has been declining the last several years. Since 2008 (when Democrats took power in the White House), gun sales have soared to all time highs, with each year setting higher and higher sales records. Semi-auto rifle sales have particularly risen during this time, yet their use in homicides continues to decline.

The total number of documented firearm murders is 8,855, not anywhere near the 30,000+ “victims of gun violence” numbers that the anti-gun groups like to tout.

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