100+ People Open Carry in Home Depot Parking Lot in TX, Anti-Gun Crowd Begins Harassment

June 2 2014
by GSL Staff
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One of the larger open carry events to date started and ended at a Home Depot parking lot in North Richland Hills, TX.

According to media reports, nearly 150 people attended the event. Supporters, many of whom carried long guns or black powder pistols, went on a walk to raise awareness of open carry laws in Texas.

Currently, in Texas, only long guns and antique black powder pistols can legally be carried. Handguns have to be carried concealed, with a license. The goal of Open Carry Texas, the group behind the event, is to see handgun open carry legalized.

According to The Dallas News,

Saturday’s rally began in the parking lot of a Home Depot. Corporate spokesman Stephen Holmes said that while Home Depot allows customers to carry legally permitted weapons into its stores, “we do not allow solicitation or organizing by third parties on our property.”

The Open Carry supporters were not asked to move on Saturday. But should they return for another rally, Holmes said, “we’ll remind them of that policy.”

Open Carry Texas has previously stated that they always obtain permission to use private property prior to their events.

Of course, the event drew the expected criticism from the anti-gun camp. Home Depot’s Facebook page was inundated with anti-gun comments. Here are a few:

Home Depot hosting an open carry event for angry gun guys!? Seriously?! Going to put the word out on that… that is insane. Never shopping your store again, if that is your “policy” . I’ve lost one son to random gun violence..please consider your stance on this carefully. Please.

It may be the law in Texas to allow these idiots to open carry their weapons but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own store policies that don’t cater to nuts. I’m glad there is a Lowes across the street from my local home depot.

due to your decision to allow open carry tarrant county to host an event on your premises i will no longer shop in any of your stores. i will be taking my business local vendors when able or to lowes when that isnt possible

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