[Video] Nancy Pelosi Says Guns are the Problem With Violent Crime, Refuses to Look at Other Causes

February 12 2013
by GSL Staff
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In a recent interview Nancy Pelosi basically strikes down the notion that violent entertainment has nothing to do with violent crime and more or less puts the blame solely on guns, specifically “assault weapons” (whatever her definition of that is).

We do not want the First Amendment to be trounced to protect the Second and we don’t feel that violence in video games, movies and television plays a significant role in violent crime. These types of media are viewed by tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of Americans on an almost daily basis without issue.

It is however, interesting to see that top Democrats aren’t even willing to consider other avenues of reducing crime other than banning the types of weapons which are used in less than 1.5% of all violent crime in America.


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