Seriously Cali? Senator Yee, Indicted on Gun Trafficking Charges, Still Receives 280,000 Votes

June 4 2014
by GSL Staff
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Well, I’m starting to see why California is in the mess that it’s currently in. You remember California State Senator Leland Yee right? Yee was one of the most vocal supporters of gun control laws in California’s legislature. He authored several gun control bills himself.

Earlier this year it was revealed that Yee was involved with trafficking firearms and other weapons to members of organized crime organizations. He is currently facing a federal indictment for those charges.

You would think that an anti-gun senator being arrested for selling guns to the mob would be enough to absolutely ruin his political career, but that’s just not so in California.

Yee received 280,000 votes in the primary election to fill his spot in the State Senate. That was enough votes to put him into third place in the running.

According to KRON4,

The beleaguered 65-year-old politician formally withdrew from the race back in March after he was formally charged with a number of crimes including bribery and conspiracy to deal and import arms. He faces more than 20 years in prison if convicted.

Yee remained on the ballot despite withdrawing his candidacy because it was too late to remove his name.

The top two candidates in the race, Democratic California state Sen. Alex Padilla and Republican Pete Peterson, will face off in the November election.

I’m not usually one for abandoning a state based on their policies, but if a lawmaker indicted on gun charges who spent his entire political career trying to disarm law abiding gun owners can get over a quarter of a million votes I’m just not sure there is much hope for the state.

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