[Video] The 2014 Midterm Elections Will be the Most Important Election in History for Gun Rights

May 1 2013
by GSL Staff
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I said this last night. Mark it down right now. The results of the 2014 midterm elections will determine the future of gun rights in our country.

For now, Democrats are licking their wounds over gun control. All of their measures were defeated by narrow margins in the Senate.

13 Republican senators (2 retiring), 20 Democratic Senators (4 retiring) and the entire House of Representatives are up for reelection in 2014.

The Senate is definitely up for grabs in 2014 and the GOP has a chance to make strides to at least strengthen a potential filibuster position.

Democrats seem to think they can win this election by making it about gun control. I guess no one told them only 4% of Americans actually care about gun control, and I would be willing to bet many of those “care” about it in order to oppose it.

Gun owners tend to have better voter turnout than non gun owners and we also have a longer memory. Are Democrats going to remember which of their candidates voted for gun control 18 months before the election? Probably not. Will pro gun supporters remember who voted for it? You bet your bottom dollar.

Normally, these facts would allow me to feel pretty confident about protecting our gun rights in 2014.

However, this election the NRA isn’t going to be the only lobbying group getting their hands into proverbial cookie jar.

According to a recent article on CBS News, anti gunners are better organized and better funded than ever.

“You wait until the next November,” warned New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in remarks on Thursday, of the lawmakers who voted against the Senate legislation. “How are they going to, a year from November when they’re running for election, answer, ‘Why didn’t you do something to stop that, senator? You had it in your power to do it, and you voted to keep the killing going.’ That can’t be good politics. It just can’t be.”

A handful of high-profile advocacy groups are working to make that a guarantee: Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which Bloomberg founded, and Americans for Responsible Solutions, helmed by Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly, vow they’ll go after the lawmakers who are blocking the way to so-called “common sense” gun laws.

“The next step is tapping the extraordinary outrage in the country today and channeling it in a useful direction — mainly at the senators who voted no and declined to do what 90 percent of the American public asked them to do,” said Mark Glaze, a spokesman for Mayors Against Illegal Guns. “We’ll do whatever it takes.”

This will make things very interesting. Obviously, the NRA and GOA will be heavily involved in these elections as well. Especially as their coffers are full after a surge in membership during the first quarter of 2013.

Harry Reid has shelved gun control in the Senate for the time being, but Democrats are just waiting for an opportunity to bring it back up. Should they get a few key wins in 2014 it will certainly be one of their first orders of business to strip American citizens of their right to bear arms, and we might be talking an all out assault weapons ban, not just a watered down background check bill.

What does this mean to you? It means you need to get involved in these elections NOW.

Learn when your state’s primaries are. Learn who is thinking about running. Choose a candidate and volunteer. Donate money to your candidate’s poltical campaign. If you’ve never volunteered on, or donated to a campaign, now is the time to make that happen.

Remain vigilant and become proactive and we can protect, and possibly expand, our gun rights in 2014.

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