WHY I CARRY: Shocking Surveillance Video Shows Armed Men Beating 78 Year Old Man During Robbery

July 17 2014
by GSL Staff
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Most of the crime stories we post here are defensive gun uses in which law abiding citizens use firearms to defend themselves. However, sometimes we look at stories that didn’t turn out so well, as a reminder as to why we must take our personal protection so seriously.

In this case, a 78 year old California man on his way to work at 4:30am (yes, he still works to provide for his family at 78!) when he was viciously attacked by two armed robbers.

According to KTLA,

John Faust had stopped at a San Bernardino gas station in the early morning hours of June 24 when he was suddenly approached by two male robbers armed with guns.

One of the robbers said, “Give me your wallet,” according to Faust, and then punched the 78-year-old great-grandfather in the face.

“The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground,” Faust said.

I don’t have to tell those of you that work in the medical field that a blow like that to a person nearing 80 years old could have serious, and possibly even fatal, consequences.

Perhaps Faust could have prevented the situation altogether if he was carrying a firearm and had a bit better situational awareness. Perhaps not, but I’m of the belief that it’s always better to have options.

Wishing Mr. Faust a quick and complete recovery.

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