Why I Carry: Mob in Savannah, GA Brutally Attacks Family of 8, Including Women and Young Children

May 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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UPDATE: Local news outlet WSAV has released an update to the story including video surveillance footage.

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UPDATE: Savannah local news outlet WJCL, released an update to this story this evening,

According to the police report, Thomas told officers they left one of the restaurants, when all of a sudden a black man and woman forcefully walked through his entire family, bumping into him and the small children.

Thomas confronted the two. The report says the man stopped, turned around, charged at him and assaulted him. The report also says Thomas told police several more people came from behind and attacked his family, “It turned into a riot, “says Anokw [a witness to the incident].

ORIGINAL STORY: In this case, a family of 8, including 2 adult males, 2 adult females and 4 young children were attacked in a well traveled tourist area of Savannah, GA.

The attack took place near popular restaurants, shops, and high end hotels, yet no one lifted a finger to help the victims. You are responsible for you own personal safety.

Jim Thomas, one of the victims, had to go to the Atlanta media and social media in order to get his story out there.

Here is an excerpt from Thomas’ Facebook post, which he took public,

It all took place shortly after dinner – around 9:30. I was with my family (of five: my wife Sarah, our two sons Owen 11 and Noah 9, and our daughter Julia 6), accompanied with my brother-in-law Rob (who is also my business partner of an Atlanta based business), his girlfriend Roberta, and his daughter Savannah 13.

We had walked along the Savannah Riverwalk from our hotel (Savannah Riverfront Marriott) to have dinner at the Bayou Cafe. After dinner, we explored the river front shopping -“touristy”- area and purchased some memorabilia in some the stores. As we came closer to the Hyatt we were confronted by an adult male who was extremely hostile. As our attention was concentrated on this particular person, I was rushed and tackled -FROM BEHIND- into a parked car by another man. I went headfirst into the side of this car with the full weight of my assailant on top of me and crashed face-first into the pavement. Immediately, there were FOUR more men who punched and kicked me in the back of the head and neck while I was on the ground.

Our children watched in horror as my brother-in-law (Rob) tried to pull these attackers off of me, only to have another large adult male grab him from behind with his forearm buried into his neck, squeezing his carotid arteries, and smashing him to the ground.

As I was escaping from the melee of attackers upon myself, I saw a large male dragging my wife by her hair across the Riverwalk. I did everything possible to make sure that his hands were completely released from my wife. I was then, once again, assaulted by several more people from behind.

My brother-in-law, Rob had been held in a choke-hold just long enough for the main instigator to run to him and send a solid strike to his left eye (which instantly swelled shut). Rob was however, able to free himself from the choking restraint of his attackers… But I would expect nothing less… After-all, he is a retired Airborne Ranger from the US Army!

But our strengths and alert minds were simply not enough to save our children from this brutal attack. I could care less about the bags of our recent purchases being stolen during this attack/robbery and the cuts and bruises on my body. What really upsets me is that my 6 yr old daughter was punched in the stomach. Both of my sons were thrown around. My niece was viciously attacked by one of the older women in this crowd, Roberta was scratched up mercilessly as she tried to save the children, and my wife was yanked around by her hair by a man 3 times her size. All EIGHT of us were assaulted!

What really puzzles me is this: WHERE WERE THE POLICE???

There was absolutely NO POLICE PRESENCE anywhere to be seen or heard from.

In order to escape further attack we rushed into an ice cream / candy store which was merely 10 feet away from where the incident took place on the Riverwalk. Our attackers stood out front in a mob, waiting for us. The shop owner, yelled at us that he didn’t need any of this in his store to hurt his business. Mind you, we are BLEEDING from multiple lacerations, our clothes torn apart, and with a group of small terrified children. We asked him to PLEASE call 911 and get the police there immediately.

After several minutes we left our “safe haven” inside the store and moved quickly down towards our hotel. The whole time these same attackers followed us at a short distance.

We finally did see 2 patrol officers (almost 25 mins after the incident) They took a statement and called for an ambulance. We explained that the people responsible for this attack were STILL there. We never saw any more police patrol or backup.

Here is the post Jim made on his Facebook account before talking to the media in Atlanta. You can click through to read the entire post on Jim’s wall.


According to WSBTV, Channel 2 Actions News,

Channel 2 Action News reached out to the Savannah Police department and a spokesperson said that they’re going through surveillance camera video of the attack and that they’re also looking at when the first 911 call was made to assess the response time.

“It’s devastating. My family the whole way back was, Daddy we thought you were going to die. We knew they were going to kill you,” Thomas said.

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