Why I Carry: Four Masked Home Invaders Murder Baby and Shoot Three Women

May 11 2014
by GSL Staff
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police_line_stockOccasionally, we have to take a break from our normal self defense stories and take a look at what happens when unarmed innocent people meet very, very bad armed people.

In this recent case out of Georgia, four masked suspects killed a nine month old baby and shot three other women during the commission of a home invasion.

According to the Atlanta Journal of Constitution,

Police said three or four men with their faces covered with bandanas kicked in the back door of the home on To Lani Farm Road sometime after 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Three terrified women inside grabbed the baby, ran upstairs and tried to lock themselves into a bathroom, but the gunmen kicked it in and fired at them multiple times.

The victims’ names were not released. The women are 36, 23, and 21, police said. The 21-year-old is thought to be the baby’s mother.

The home invasion and shooting are thought to possibly be connected to a previous murder on May 3rd and a second murder on Saturday of a possible witness to the first murder.

Police are seeking two persons of interest in the crime, according to the AJC,

Police are looking to arrest Cutrez Johnson, 16, also known as “Lil Red,” and Oslushla Smith, 19, also known as Budda or Boo, in connection with the May 3 shooting of Michael Phillips, 29, at a party in south DeKalb. Another man, Kemontay Cullins, 18, was arrested early today in connection with the May 3 killing.

Regardless of motive or previous association, if one of those women had a firearm with a standard capacity magazine, carried on their person, things could have turned out very differently in this case.

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