WHY I CARRY: Convicted Killer Was Released From Jail, He Then Kills His Girlfriend and Eats Her

September 16 2014
by GSL Staff
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Here is another one of our “Why I Carry” stories. These stories, unlike our defensive gun uses, take a look at situations that may have turned out very differently if the victim(s) had been armed. These stories also serve as an important reminder as to why it’s important to carry everyday.

A convicted killer in Indiana has plead guilty to cannibalism after he killed and ate his ex-girlfriend.

Joseph Oberhansley, a convicted killer who was being charged with a felony after strangling a man at a bar, was allowed to walk free after paying just $500 bond.

Oberhansley then went to the home of Tammy Jo Blanton, identified as being romantically involved with Oberhansley. Blanton called police around 3am to report Oberhansley trying to force his way into the home. Police arrived and sent Oberhansley home.

When police arrived back at the home around 10am (it’s unclear who called them this time) what they found was seriously disturbing according to WAVE3:

They said Oberhansley was inside the home, and once officers restrained him, other officers searched the rest of the home on Locust Street.

That’s when they found Blanton’s bloody body in a bathtub, with portions of her skull removed. “He further admitted to cooking a section of her brain and eating it,” the arrest report said.

Oberhansley also acknowledged having eaten her heart and part of her lungs, according to the report.

Oberhansley had previously done a stint in prison for a role he played in a murder as a teenager. He had also previously led police on a car chase before being arrested.

The prosecutor who lowered Oberhansley’s bail to $5,000, allowing him to pay a bail bondsman only $500 to go free, has resigned following that action.

As always, I have to point out that a firearm may or may not have helped prevent or stop this crime. However, I prefer to have options whenever possible over simply begging for my life.

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