[Video] WHY I CARRY: Suspect on Crime Spree, Steals Car, Executes Three People, Shoots 2 Others

September 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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Here is another one of our “Why I Carry” stories. These stories, unlike our defensive gun uses, take a look at situations that may have turned out very differently if the victim(s) had been armed. These stories also serve as an important reminder as to why it’s important to carry everyday.

This is a particularly sad case as we have three murder victims and two other victims who were injured, but survived.

According to Fox4KC,

Police sources and neighbors told FOX 4 that the three victims killed in the South Kansas City Woodbridge neighborhood were apparently coming to the aid of neighbors after they noticed something wrong. Neighbors say Choucroun and the Hursts reportedly noticed a man attempting to steal their neighbors’ antique Jaguar from their home at One Woodbridge Lane. They say the gunman hot-wired the Jaguar but was having trouble driving it away. Then, he jumped in their SUV. When neighbors approached, he shot at point-blank range with a shotgun, killing them instantly.

Jim Anderson, a neighbor, witnessed the death of Susan Choucroun.

“She came out the garage door and he, he shot her with a shotgun,” Anderson said. “I just saw an expression on her face of surprise. And uh, and then she went down.”

Brandon Howell, age 34 was arrested about 12 hours later for the murders.

This isn’t Howell’s first brush with a murder charge. Howell was suspected in the murders of a couple back in 1998, when he was just 18. In 2009, Howell was acquitted on those murder charges.

As I always say, maybe being armed wouldn’t have made a difference in this case. However I would always prefer to have options available to me.

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