[Video] Why I Carry: Three Home Invaders Terrorize Couple and Sexually Assault Pregnant Woman

March 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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Stories like this aren’t pleasant. In fact, they’re downright disturbing, but I’m going to start highlighting more of them in a segment called “Why I Carry”. Many of these horrific, violent stories rarely make it outside of the local market they occur in.

In this story three home invaders broke into a Madison, WI home and proceeded to terrorize the couple that lived there for nearly 45 minutes. According to police, the gang of perpetrators sexually assaulted the female occupant of the house who was six months pregnant. Three other suspects were arrested as being accessories to the crimes.

According to WKOW,

“I can tell you that in my 27-plus years of policing here in Madison, this is probably one of the most disturbing and heinous crimes that I’ve ever seen,” says Interim Chief Randy Gaber.

At a news conference Monday, Gaber told the media he wants to reassure the community the department takes these crimes very seriously.

Well, I would certainly hope they take these kinds of crimes seriously. I would actually hope they take all crimes seriously, but anyway.

Police were able to capture all six subjects, all of whom are facing numerous, numerous felonies at this point. One of the suspects was a female. The victims were treated and released from an area hospital.

I have to wonder how this incident would have gone down if the couple were armed. In most of the defensive gun use stories we report on this site, the suspects usually turn tail when a firearm is in the hands of a law abiding citizen.

I hope the couple is able to recover from this traumatic event both physically and emotionally.

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