We Like Shooting Double Tap 068 – Burrito smothered in queso

July 7 2018
by We Like Shooting
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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 68, Where we answer your questions,  talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch,Savage AF

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#Dear WLS

Kirk L

Oval Bore reference in Double Tap 76:

Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to call anyone stupid or lay a “slap down.” I was just nerding it up. I thought it was an interesting old reference. I wasn’t trying to be insulting, just trying to share something neat.

Please extend my apologies. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Chris G

On an episode of We Like Shooting, a preview of The Pozcast was shown and I recall something about three of having already been completed but haven’t been able to find them, are they a Patreon exclusive, not been released yet or did Jeremy decide not to do it?

Tate M

If the wls patreon page turned into the hunger games, who would win?

Andy M

Revolver question, I work with a fellow instructor who is pretty well-versed on revolvers. When teaching how to reload a revolver he has the student take the revolver and put it in their off hand and load the cylinder with their shooting hand. To me that doesn’t make sense as you always want to keep your shooting hand on your control. Is this the correct way to load a revolver? Adding the element of self-defense?

kalmen B

what do you guys think of Walther handguns? and why aren’t they discussed as much as sigs or H & Ks

Zachary V

What is the lowest quality brand of AR15 you would recommend for home defense and what low quality accessories? What would be your ideal AR15 setup if money were no option? Last would be what is your current home defense AR15 setup?

Chris W

So I’m a huge fan of the Benchmade knife company and wanted to hear what you guys thought of it. I’ve carried the Kershaw Aaron reviewed a while back and Kershaw is good (I broke the tip off on that one) but benchmades are good teir so be a man and buy a Benchmade Aaron. They are worth the cost.

Chris W

First a suggestion you should make Savage go to the aero precision manufacturing facility to make a video. I would love to have you guys do a review of their new complete Glock uppers. Secondly are y’all excited for fallout 76 and would you guys be willing to friend me on steam so we can all play together and nuke savages socialist commune he’s bound to build. Lastly why does Aaron feel it’s ok to hide the fact that he’s a giant furry, like full pup suit with tail and all. (if you don’t know what a pup suit is look it up)

Austin M

Two questions, if money wasn’t an object list the parts you would buy to build an ar15 and an ar10. Question two, what would be the best way to go about opening a gun shop and or range

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# Not Guns
If sacrificing a cast members life would save the lives of a specific number of strangers, how many strangers would need to be saved for a cast member to sacrifice their own life?



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