We Like Shooting Double Tap 067 – Thumb with a face

June 30 2018
by We Like Shooting
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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 67, Where we answer your questions,  talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch,Savage AF

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#Tech news

DARPA Wheelz




#Dear WLS

Shon Herine

What is the wierdest or coolest pet you have had?

DOGS DON’T COUNT!!!!!!!!!!

Love the show!!!!

James B

For hunting deer where I might run into groups of boar, what should I carry? My coworker uses a crossbow (~180 lb) for deer and barely pierced the thick hide of the boar he shot this season.

I’m open to pretty much anything, but am on a budget. Probably under $1000. If $5-600 is possible, that would be better.

John Peoples

You have to ride an animal of some sort into battle what would you ride? (Keep in mind you can say something like a giant goldfish)

Kirk L

In regards to the Oval Rifling referenced on episode 55 of Double Tap, The NRA reviewed them already. …in 1917. In the Vol. LXI no. 19 (page 363) and no. 20 (page 385) of Arms and the Man, none less than Edward C. Crossman reviewed “Oval Bore” rifles. Like the referenced Mosin referenced, Mr. Crossman found Oval Bore rifling to be less accurate than traditional rifling. With the ammunition and technology at the time, he was only able to get 12-17″ ten-shot groups at 200 yards. While that’s “minute of man” accuracy, in his words, it “won’t shoot for nuts…”



Karl P

Hope that you can answer all my questions. Why can’t you use 45 in a 9mm? Isn’t that called a Sig P250 or P320? I’ve asked my girl about it but she doesn’t know. For the last couple of weeks I’ve had a burning sensation when I go to the bathroom. What do you think?

Dan J

I had a gun smith install a zev tec into my gen 4 Glock 19. I loved the new trigger but the other day I knocked it off my table in it’s holster and the gun fired. Is this normal(I am guessing not as people modify triggers all the time but the way reddit reacted had me wondering)? I took it to two gun smiths and both said everything was normal. WTF happened? Also are my gun smiths dumb asses or should I have never of bought this trigger? I had several lovely people from r/guns suggest that I was the dumb ass for getting an after market trigger. Savage, your reddit people are pretty cray….

Truckin’ Gun Nut
Forgive me if this has been asked before, but if the shit hits the fan, what would be in your bug-out bag? Also, what bag would you use? I bet Jeremy’s would be pink. You know…cuz he’s gay.

Frank M

I was listening to the show the other day and was wondering what if the all of you were youtubers. Nick would be Paul Harrell, Jeramy would be Hickok 45, Savage would be the crazy Russian hacker of course, Shaun would be the Yankee Marshal and Aaron would be that fat kid that cuts bottles with swords. Who would you choose for the other cast members and yourself? Oh and where’s my rail Aaron?

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# Not Guns
Who would win in a fight between a lion vs all of us and how would you do it?



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